Fear not, we'll help you through it :)

In this review, level 135 has been hampering players left and right. The information and cheats and walkthroughs that we provide will allow you to add the most points in the shortest time possible. Our system will try its best to save your special candies and “powers” for levels that absolutely need them. Overcoming levels that are practically “unbeatable” with the least amount of moves will be our main goal.

If you are stuck in Candy Crush Saga or just want to be sure that you make the right moves on each level, these tricks will help you pass Candy Crush Level 135 and further train you to in overcoming future levels, becoming the best player among your social network.

Candy Crush Level 135 - Water Wharf

Level 135 Basic Strategy

  • Objective: 10,000 points in 45 moves, Collect 5 Color Bombs
  • Strategy: To effectively and efficiently clear this level, you need to understand about positioning, selection and playing to the certain objectives of this level.
  1. Essentially, you need to think about playing a generic strategy. You should be able to defeat any level without spending a single cent on boosters and without using cheats.
  2. There isn't a time limit, so it's extremely important that you take time to think every move out, trying to think two or three moves ahead instead. Look at where a certain candy will fall if you press another. This strategy will work from level 1 on up. Make wrapped candies when you can, especially on the first move or so.
  3. Dropping down the color bombs and scoring points is your objective. By making wrapped candies, this will move the process along tremendously.
  4. Once chocolates appear, make sure you get rid of them. As you already know, chocolate is a hassle in Candy Crush. The last update to the game really helped out.
  5. Now, when you use color bombs, it automatically takes away the one color you select. Creating more color bombs should be much easier after that. Multi-tasking is what is hard in this level.
  • Stars: 3 stars: 95,000 points; 2 stars: 70,000 points and 1 star: 10,000 points

If you get past Candy Crush Level 135 we wish you luck on the rest of the levels :)

Advanced Guide for Candy Crush Level 135

Here are our "big bazooka" tips, to try and save you some money!

  1. Candy Crush Level 135Your first priority will be to clear out any chocolate that pops up as quickly as possible. In order to do this, you must swap wrapped and stripped candies as early as humanly possible. Never wait if you don’t have to!

  2. Make the giant candy that sweeps across the screen as this will surely get rid of as much chocolate as possible.

  3. If you use any chocolate bombs, the ability to destroy the chocolate next to same color candies that are swapped with it is definite. These bombs are a perfect solution when trying to eliminate as many colors as feasible, making the process of creating wrapped candies easier. 

  4. Also, whenever possible, create “T” or “L” shapes. When possible, create “sprinkle chocolates” (by creating 5 similar colors in a row). This will help you rid the board of a lot of the more common colors on the board.

Full Video Walkthrough